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You can increase Instagram followers with Instagram follower services of varying prices and quality. Prices are the cheapest in the whole world. You can become a free member, add balance and use the services. All you have to do is enter the link of the profile you want to increase followers on Instagram and write the amount you want.

Your order will be processed in a short time and completed automatically. The speed and data quality of each Instagram follower purchasing service varies. By paying attention to the explanations, you can easily increase Instagram followers without a password.

Note: MedyaBayim will never ask you for your Instagram password. You can buy Instagram followers with just your username. The Instagram followers sent will not cause any harm to your account. On the other hand, it is normal to experience some decrease over time depending on the Instagram follower package you purchased.

To use MedyaBayim services, you can become a free member now and add a trial balance. You can become a member of the system and review all our services.

Buy Instagram Followers - Cheap Followers

The trick to buy Instagram followers without a password, that is, buy cheap Instagram followers, is at MedyaBayim! Moreover, at very cheap prices! You can buy approximately 1500 Instagram followers with 1 TL.

There are many reasons to use the cheapest follower panel. Approximately 75% of Instagram users buy followers to grow their accounts. Many people, from celebrities to politicians, from companies to boutiques, from actors to football players, grow their Instagram accounts for different reasons.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of getting Instagram followers is very easy. MedyaBayim has made this service available directly to everyone at very cheap prices. You do not need to give your account password to get Instagram followers. You do not need to pay very high fees to intermediary people and institutions. You can become a member of MedyaBayim for free now, add 1 TL balance for trial purposes and see your followers come. (Note: Your profile must be open for most of our Instagram services to post.)

There may be many reasons why you want more Instagram followers.

Increasing your number of followers and appearing more popular.

Increasing your follower count to increase your sales.

To increase trust in your profile.

Show that you are better at your job.

Ensuring your posts reach more people

To ensure that your posts receive more interaction.

To increase the institutionalization of your company.

Using Social Media more fully and effectively.

For reasons such as these, many people and institutions buy Instagram followers. However, many people also use the process of buying Instagram likes: Buy Instagram Likes

To use MedyaBayim services, you can become a free member now and add a trial balance. You can become a member of the system and review all our services.

How to Gain Instagram Followers?

With 4 simple steps, you can increase your Instagram followers with SMM Panel MedyaBayim, without a password and at a very cheap price.


1. Become a Free Member of MedyaBayim

You can become a member for free and log in to the system by choosing a username and password from our registration page.


2. Add Balance

You can add balance to MedyaBayim by choosing a credit card / debit card, money order or one of many payment methods such as Papara, coin, btc, perfectmoney, coinbase, coinpayments. You can also get the balance in your account refunded at any time.


3. Order Instagram Followers

You can place an order by choosing the appropriate one from the Instagram follower categories and the service you want (there are options such as cheap, slow, fast, high quality), entering your Instagram username and the amount you want.


4. Get Followers to Your Profile

If your Instagram profile is private, turn it off immediately. Followers will come soon. You can hide your profile again after the followers arrive. There may be some decrease in followers according to services, in this case you can order again. This is very possible and normal.

High Quality Accounts

Some of our Instagram follower buying services are very high quality, organic accounts.

Secure Payment Method

MedyaBayim provides services legally. All our payment methods are real. For example, we work with Paytr company for payment by credit card. You can add and spend your balance safely.

Very Very Low Prices

We're so cheap you'll have a hard time believing it! If you have bought followers from somewhere else before, you will not believe the prices.

Quick Result

You can see your followers coming right after you order. Of course, this may vary from service to service.

Buy Instagram Turkish Followers

MedyaBayim is the cheapest SMM Panel for Turkish followers. No one will be able to tell that you bought followers! Grow your Instagram profile safely with real Turkish follower services. Buy Instagram Turkish followers, Instagram Turkish follower trick, choose us for Instagram Turkish follower trick services!

The best quality and cheapest Instagram Turkish Followers buying methods are at MedyaBayim. You can buy real, organic, raffle or bot Instagram followers with confidence. All followers are Turkish. In this way, no one will understand that you have purchased followers. MedyaBayim with 1,000 Turkish followers with prices starting from 5 TL. You can take a very small amount for trial purposes and see the results.

Buying Turkish followers will make you discover other users in Turkey. In addition to getting followers, you will also need to receive likes, views and comments and support your account. Some overactive and organic Turkish followers may unfollow. Please take this into consideration and order.

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My Instagram Follower Count Is Decreasing, What Can I Do?

Your process of gaining Instagram followers begins when you log in to Instagram. The content you share, your username, photos and videos are all among the factors that will affect you in your process of gaining followers. You can keep your followers a little more active by sharing the right content on Instagram.

Correct Instagram shares;

You have an audience that you are addressing and you should share content suitable for the interests of this audience,

The content you share must be of high quality and original,

If you are sharing a photo or video, the image resolution must be high,

Your tags are very important, you are more likely to be discovered with tags,

When using tags, you should definitely use tags related to your post,

You should set your label selection as a maximum of 5,

When choosing a tag, if you use one very popular tag, the other tags you use should be less preferred.

You can reach more users by following the agenda. While everyone is talking about a topic on the agenda of Turkey or the world, you should definitely have a post expressing your opinion on this issue,

You should definitely take advantage of the blessing of reels, reels on Instagram and IGTV are definitely much more visible and your probability of being discovered is much higher. It increases the viewing rate, but often does not gain followers.

You gained good Instagram followers, but since you are no longer as popular as you used to be, your number of followers has decreased instead of increasing, because you have come to a point where you are blocked in sharing your content. The fall makes you sad and makes you feel that all your efforts are wasted. You can buy Instagram followers, so you will regain both your reputation and enthusiasm. You can take your profile to higher levels by purchasing Instagram followers that do not decrease. Your number of followers is very important, especially if you are doing e-commerce on Instagram.

Why Should I Buy Instagram Followers?

DataPortal published the third quarter report of 2022 and announced the number of active users of Instagram. It was noteworthy that the popular platform doubled the number of users after four years. Instagram announced that the number of monthly active Instagram users reached 2 billion worldwide. Meta added the number of active users to its report for the third quarter. The number of Instagram users was stated to be 1 billion in June 2018. Thus, it turned out that the social media giant doubled the number of users after four years.

75% of Instagram users buy followers to grow their accounts. Many people, from celebrities to politicians, from companies to boutiques, from actors to football players, grow their Instagram accounts for different reasons. Many people search for Instagram buy cheap followers, Instagram cheap follower panel and cheapest follower panel.

To use MedyaBayim services, you can become a free member now and add a trial balance. You can become a member of the system and review all our services.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

MedyaBayim does not require your account password during the buy cheap Instagram followers process. MedyaBayim's only expectation from you is that your account is in public mode, not in private mode. After purchasing followers for your account, you should not make your account private and you should definitely not change your account name until the transaction is completed. In this case, your purchase will be incomplete. You should never give your password to anyone who asks you, and you can also take double security measures to protect your account. This way, your account is protected and no one can easily steal your account. It is not appropriate to forward account passwords in any way, and you should not click on the links in the messages sent to your account. In general, these links direct you to a login page and ask for a password. The moment you enter your password there, your account is transferred to someone else and sometimes it will take days to get it back, sometimes it will be impossible.

Working with more than 40,000 active accounts, MedyaBayim's priority is always customer satisfaction. The system, which proceeds with the logic that followers bring followers for the Instagram algorithm, also progresses in MedyaBayim as happy customers bring happy customers. MedyaBayim customers complain that they have tried other companies before but never got their money's worth. MedyaBayim always gives you the value of the money you pay. In addition, one of the parts that customers are most satisfied with is the technical support provided 24/7 because the support given by the teams before and after is as important as the variety of packages.

How Do You Know Instagram Follower Quality?

Let's think about it this way, we came across a very well-dressed, handsome/beautiful person. Its stance, appearance, style, everything smells of quality from top to bottom. When he enters an environment, all eyes are on him and he makes a confession to you in between words. Actually, all my clothes, shoes and bags are fake, but people never understand this. Posture and self-confidence create very different perceptions in people. What we need to understand here is that if you share self-confident, original, quality content while sharing on your account, you will actually create the right perception for you to be popular. In other words, it doesn't matter how hard you are behind the camera while shooting, how much material you lack in budget. You don't need to do business with huge budgets and huge capitals, what matters is what comes out… If you support the shares you make with correct and beautiful content with the followers you get, be ready to have an account that can't be beaten. The most important thing for you to understand the quality of your Instagram followers is to buy followers from a correct and reliable place. If you buy Instagram followers that do not drop, the place you purchased it from will give you a guarantee. If you buy Instagram bot followers, the quality will be slightly lower, this is clearly understandable.

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Does Buying Instagram Followers Benefit Your Business?

There were items we briefly mentioned above, about what followers will bring to you... Now let's elaborate on those items a little bit, what benefits buying followers or likes will provide to your business. Let's think about our generation Z youth or we can evaluate the conditions in Turkey in general, which is the same all over the world. Whether it is accepted or not, most people have what we call herd psychology. Don't take herd psychology in a bad way, in order to trust people, we want to see that others also trust, and in order to buy a product, we want to see that other people like it. If a product has received many likes, comments and praise, everyone believes that that product is good and wants to purchase it immediately. If an Instagram account has a lot of likes and a lot of followers, there is something in this account, everyone follows and likes it, so we move forward with the feeling that I should follow it too.

You can have many customers by using Instagram, the world's most actively used social media platform. You can announce your campaigns, promote your new products, make invitations for store openings and many more things to many people with just a few posts. In order to reach many people and achieve the feeling of following that I mentioned above, you must prove that you have an active account in terms of interaction. Proving this is achieved by purchasing likes and followers. So buying followers or likes will actually add a lot to your business. Popularity, new followers, new likes, sales, money that will come from different collaborations and much more...


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Buy Cheap Instagram Followers: Quality Service at a Very Affordable Price!

MedyaBayim offers Instagram follower purchasing packages for various needs, suitable for every budget.

Instagram follower prices vary depending on the service you request and the number of cheap followers, likes or views you want. However, buying Instagram followers through MedyaBayim is suitable even for influencers with a tight budget.

Instagram Fast Follower: Lightning Fast Shipping!

We guarantee that your orders will be uploaded to your account within 0-5 hours, depending on the Instagram follower package you receive. Instagram Fast Follower service is at MedyaBayim!

Instagram Turkish Followers: Keep Your Account Natural!

Tired of spending a lot of time growing your Instagram profile? With MedyaBayim, you can safely buy a large number of Instagram Turkish Followers and grow your account while preserving its naturalness.

To use MedyaBayim services, you can become a free member now and add a trial balance. You can become a member of the system and review all our services.

Most Popular Instagram Follower Services (2023)

You can have 1,000 followers for the price of coffee. Lifetime Guaranteed Followers - Prices vary between 25 TL and 1,600 TL depending on the number of followers. Below we share the links to all our packages.

  • Lifetime Guaranteed Follower
  • Instagram Turkish Followers
  • Instagram Cheap Followers
  • Instagram Fast Follower
  • Instagram Foreign Followers
  • Instagram Not Dropping Followers
  • Real Turkish Followers by Lottery
  • Instagram Bot Followers

Other Areas We Serve in the Instagram Area

Instagram Guaranteed Followers: Your Instagram followers are at your disposal!

MedyaBayim does not spoil the natural look of your account with its Instagram follower pool, which consists of real Instagram followers and high-quality, active accounts.

We solve any problem that may arise within the guaranteed Instagram follower service you have purchased with our expert Live Support team as soon as possible. We follow a very sensitive policy regarding the satisfaction of our users.

Instagram Global Followers: Expand Abroad!

The Explore page plays an important role here. By purchasing Instagram foreign follower packages, you increase your drop rate to Discover. In this way, your content will be recommended to more people in the country you are addressing by the Instagram algorithm. If you want your account to be discovered, buying foreign Instagram followers is a great way to start the process. If you want to expand your Instagram account abroad, you can increase your international visibility safely and quickly by purchasing Foreign Instagram followers.

Instagram Real Turkish Followers: Get Real Instagram Followers!

The followers you get with Instagram Real Turkish Follower packages can interact with your content, share your posts with their friends and relatives, and leave comments.

Bot Instagram followers can't share your content and can't comment on your posts other than the occasional incomprehensible emoji.

Undropped Instagram Followers: Your followers are always with you!

We offer quality, active accounts and guaranteed service without requiring your user passwords. In case of any decrease in the followers you have acquired within the scope of MedyaBayim's Lifetime Guaranteed Instagram Follower Packages, we direct the amount of committed followers to your account in order to compensate for this situation. Before and after sales, our expert and energetic team maintains 24/7 Live Support service based on customer satisfaction with great sensitivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled our answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Instagram Follower Purchasing service.

Why Should I Trust MedyaBayim?

You have tried dozens of addresses to buy cheap Instagram followers, but you could not get the result you wanted. You kept wasting your money, the followers you bought went back at the same speed, maybe you systematically pissed off Instagram and your account was closed... You don't need to work so hard and get stressed, because there is already an institution that provides reliable, fast and quality service that will make things easier for you., Turkey's oldest and most popular social media dealership panel, which has been in service since 2015, provides SMM Panel services with more than 40,000 active users. Become a member for free; You can access services such as followers, likes, views and comments at the cheapest prices for social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Discord, Spotify, Telegram, Google and Twitch.

We know how dangerous online shopping is and that you cannot get paid for the things you buy. Now that the environment is so unreliable, you need to do more research to find the right companies you can actually shop with. Since MedyaBayim is a very comprehensive organization that has been serving for many years, you can trust it blindly. Membership to the system is provided free of charge, and then, to give you confidence, you are allowed to try the system by adding a low balance to your account for trial purposes. After adding balance to your account, you need to create an order.

Is Instagram Followers Increasing Process Safe, Will It Create Problems For My Account?

Whatever you buy online, reliability should be your first choice because spending money and not getting anything in return will put you in a difficult situation. In order not to be upset, you should definitely do your research beforehand and choose the company that will provide you with the most accurate and quality service. Companies that have been operating for a long time should give you confidence because companies that are not good at this business cannot survive in the market. Also, do not share your account password during the purchasing process. If they ask for your account password, you should definitely stay away. MedyaBayim has been in the industry for 7 years. It has more than 40,000 active users and improves its work every day, reaching a higher level. You can blindly trust MedyaBayim, which has so many active users and has been in the industry for a long time. It provides you 24/7 support with its quality and knowledgeable team both before and after sales. It has a team ready to provide the necessary support after sales whenever you need it.

Your account will not be jeopardized in any way by the likes, followers or views you receive, because MedyaBayim provides a social media service to your accounts that always complies with the terms of service and community rules of social media platforms, thanks to its active and quality users. In this way, you can be sure that your social media accounts will continue to grow unlimitedly without encountering any problems.

How Long Does It Take for Orders to Be Delivered After Purchasing Instagram Followers?

The upload time to your account will vary depending on the number of followers you receive and your package. In many packages, the installation process starts within the first 10 minutes and continues gradually thereafter. The important thing is not a rapid rise, your account must be raised with a heavy and time-consuming system in order to be suitable for the Instagram algorithm and look realistic. The package you purchase starts to be loaded into your account instantly, depending on the density, and then slows down. Do not forget that MedyaBayim does not want your account to suffer any damage, so it arranges the time to load your account with the most accurate and safe strategies. The decreases in your account can also be compensated for uploads that are neither too fast nor too slow. If you want my follower count to decrease and be compensated, make sure that the package you buy is compensated. MedyaBayim's buy cheap followers package is exactly what you are looking for!

Will the Number of Instagram Followers Decline Over Time?

There are some questions in everyone's mind when buying followers, the most important of which is what should I do if my follower count decreases after a while? When you buy a guaranteed follower package, you can purchase a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 1 million followers.

Are the Instagram Followers I Purchased Real Users?

When you place an order, you will be notified in full detail about the package you choose. If you choose the real Instagram follower package, the followers that will come to your account will be real users. The package you choose here, your expectations and results are important. After you sign up for free, you can review the packages and choose the one you need.

There are many different Instagram follower purchasing services among the services;

  • Lifetime Guaranteed Follower
  • Instagram Turkish Followers
  • Instagram Cheap Followers
  • Instagram Fast Follower
  • Instagram Foreign Followers
  • Instagram Not Dropping Followers
  • Real Turkish Followers by Lottery
  • Instagram Bot Followers

Why are the prices so affordable at MedyaBayim?

You can think of it as coming from the farm to your table… MediaBayim acts as the main provider in many of the service services. Since the services come from here first, they provide the most affordable prices. In services where they are not the main provider, they provide cheap prices by using the power of bulk purchasing.

What Payment Methods Can I Use When Purchasing Instagram Followers?

MedyaBayim offers you the most secure payment and various options so that your mind and heart will be at ease while making a payment. You can also earn bonuses on some payment options you choose. We can list the payment options at MedyaBayim as follows;

  • Credit card / debit card - 1% Bonus for 1,000 TL and above
  • Money Order / EFT - 2.5% Bonus for 1,000 TL and above
  • Perfect Money (USD) - 3% Bonus for 1.000 TL or more
  • Perfect Money (EUR) - 3% Bonus for 1.000 TL or more
  • Payeer - 3% Bonus for 1,000 TL and above
  • web money
  • CoinPayments - 3% Bonus for 1,000 TL and above
  • Payoneer - 3% Bonus for 1,000 TL and above
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • papara

Do you have a Privacy Agreement?

For MedyaBayim, security is of paramount importance. A confidentiality agreement must be signed to ensure that your accounts are not damaged and that personal information is not shared in any way. Keeping customers' rights and personal information safe is as important to MedyaBayim as providing quality service.

* This situation may differ in each service.

All transactions in MedyaBayim are password-free. You can trick Instagram followers without a password. We do not ask for your Instagram account password, just your username is sufficient. Our prices are really cheap.

IIf you want Instagram bot followers, you can take a look at our services. Instagram bot follower options are available starting from 1 TL. Bot followers are generally recently created bot profiles. It does not interact with your account in any way.

You can increase Instagram followers 100% safely. You can increase the number of followers of any Instagram profile you want. The profile you will send followers to should not be private. All followers will go to the profile in full. You can view follower increase directly from Instagram.

By using MedyaBayim, you can send around 10 million followers to your Instagram account in 1 month. Yes, you heard right 10,000,000 Instagram followers! You can have thousands of followers at the cheapest prices. You can get an unlimited number of followers by continuing to use MedyaBayim.

If you wish, we can enable completely real users to follow your account. With our special services, real people will go to your profile and follow it. You will see the benefits of this service, which is more expensive than bot followers. Get completely real followers and you will accelerate your rise on Instagram exponentially.